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Senator Chase Gets Behind the Scenes Look at DMV

March 25, 2016

Senator Chase Gets Behind the Scenes Look at DMV

CHESTERFIELD– Senator Amanda Chase (R-11th) joined DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb for a detailed tour of DMV operations at the Chesterfield Customer Service Center on Johnston Willis Drive.  In a 90-minute visit, Senator Chase learned more about the expanding array of services offered by DMV and the agency’s innovative use of technology.

“As a customer, I have been on the other side of the counter,” said Senator Chase.  “It was helpful to me to see what goes on behind the scenes and spend time with the hard-working employees who do so much for the citizens of the Commonwealth.”

In addition to traditional services, such as driver’s licenses, identification cards, vehicle titles and license plates, DMV is expanding its service offerings.  In a partnership with the Department of Health Division of Vital Records, DMV issues certified copies of Virginia birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates at all 74 customer service centers and five mobile offices. 

“Many customers need these documents to complete their DMV work,” explained Commissioner Holcomb.  “If you need to show proof of your name change or U. S. citizenship but don’t have your marriage certificate or birth certificate handy, DMV can issue a copy of those certificates and continue with your DMV transaction.  It’s important to us to help you be successful getting what you need on your first visit, when possible.”

Customers can also obtain fishing and hunting licenses at all DMV offices.  E-ZPass transponders are available at select locations.

“It’s smart, responsible government to leverage DMV’s statewide footprint and combine services for the convenience for the taxpayers,” stated Senator Chase. “Constituents deserve access to efficient service in their backyard.”

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